Benefits of Econcretes

Econcretes has many benefits compared to traditional leads and other lead-free fishing weights.

Effective and environment friendly

  • Econcretes can pick up 6% from its weight by soaking it and provide long term flavors and attraction near your
  • Econcretes can be used for any type of bottom and will stay on top of every soft, silky bottoms, rather than sink
    into it
  • The Econcretes mix is environment friendly and complies with the requirements of EN 12620

Different weights

Econcretes Grippas are made in the following weights:

  • 2.6/75 oz/gram
  • 3.5/100 oz/gram
  • 4.2/120 oz/gram
  • 5.1/145 oz/gram
  • 6.7/190 oz/gram

Econcretes Grippa

  • The Econcretes are made of 12 unique minerals combined. One of them is Magnadense, a mineral which is attracted by magnets, similar to iron. Retrieving any lost fishing weights is easy with a decent magnet and therefore increases fish safety.
  • Magnadense is an iron oxide and cannot corrode when using or storing in your tackle box.
  • Econcretes comes in three colors: Dark Grey, Brown, and Green. For perfect camo fishing.
  • Econcretes are produced on a big scale in the Netherlands and therefore are 30-40% lower priced than any other non-lead fishing weights. Low priced for all anglers.
  • Econcretes are lead-free, but still have a minimum density of 4.4 g/cm3.
  • Econcretes is fully designed and produced in the Netherlands.
  • Econcretes is 100% harmless to the environment and non-toxic in all its forms, according to EU law.
  • At Econcretes, we strive for perfection and keep innovating our assortment in line with the feedback from our customers.